OutPost Exploration LLC


Since 2010, Diomedes Maritime's affiliate - OutPost Exploration LLC - has been placing traders, brokers, mid-office, chartering, and operations professionals in shipping companies, brokerage firms, energy marketers, oil refiners, inter-broker dealers, and multi-national trading houses.  We do this by getting to know our candidates, and working closely with our clients.  It is a bilateral process, and regardless of which side of the deal pays our fee, we know that no placement will succeed if both parties' interests are not in alignment, and fully understood. 

Unlike other commodity- and maritime-focused recruiting firms, we don't present a scrolling list of job descriptions. Because in most cases, those positions don’t actually exist.   Often, headhunters are simply trying to gather good resumes, and then use one or two as their entry to a client they have targeted - but don’t actually have a mandate from.  

We also don’t offer an online, interactive, c.v. uploading interface.  Usually that is simply a headhunter's way of saying your resume gets stowed on a shared drive, only to be ignored by the staff, then eventually scanned by a keyword-searching system that doesn’t understand context.  By this time, the candidate has found another position, but will still get calls for a role he's not interested in, too skilled for, or is geographically incompatible. 

What we do is a straightforward and basic function, but it is not necessarily a simple one.   Online job sites, electronic recruiting platforms, social networks, industry newsletters, and other services are helpful, and certainly part of the process, but ultimately, we are dealing with human beings and their livelihood.  We are also working with companies that have complex needs.  That is where our experience, perspective, and diligence factor in.  As a wise man once said, "if it was that easy, we'd send a dog with a note."

Other activities

OutPost Exploration and Diomedes Maritime are also involved in management consulting, project development (for maritime sector, oil & gas, biofuels, and other commodities), and communications.    Advisory work by its very nature is confidential, but the core clients include ship owners, technical & commercial managers, financial interests, brokerage firms, trading houses, law firms, consultants, and hedge fund advisors.